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Enrico Nichelatti

Amateur violinist

Violin and bow

I own two violins and three bows. Among them, one violin and one bow are, I think, very good ones to my playing level. They are my Vittorio Filippi violin and my André Dugad bow.

My Vittorio Filippi violin


My violin was made in Frascati (Rome, Italy) in 1981 by luthier Vittorio Filippi. The internal label says "Vittorio Filippi fece in Frascati 1981" and is signed by the maker. I also own an autenticity certificate, signed by the maker as well.

The tone of this violin is a powerful one, slightly on the bright side. The sound projection is good too.

I bought this violin in 2004 from a private dealer on behalf of its previous owner. I was given three violins - about in the same price range - to test them and eventually choose one. I asked my teacher to play the same piece on them without letting me know which instrument he was playing (I was not looking at him). Therefore, I chose my Filippi with a "blind test".

A few restoration works were made on this violin after I bought it. First, the original fingerboard was a little warped, so it was replaced with a new one by luthier Eriberto Attili (Rome). The same luthier also made and fitted a new bridge and a new soundpost. Later, another luthier, Gilberto Losi (Valcanneto, Rome) replaced the original pegs with new, stilish ones. 

Please, click on the picture on the left for a full-res version of it (2.35 MB, a new window will open).

My André Dugad bow

Dugad bow

My pernambuco-wood bow mas made by the French bow maker André Dugad, most likely in the 1960's. Its metal features are in gold. This fact witnesses the really good quality of the bow.

Dugad bow frog

Dugad bow tip

After I bought this bow in 2005, the internal screw in the ebony frog that is necessary to tighten the bow hair was replaced with a new one by luthier Gilberto Losi. The old one was slightly damaged.

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